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Welcome to my website!  I created this because I wanted to share my love for writing with other people and to interact with them.  I had the Collaborative Story idea because I wanted people to really take charge of a story.  I want all their ideas to be included into this story, so the story is like a patchwork of all the suggestions people have given me.  I really hope that this website meets it's expectations, to have kids everywhere get to be creative!!Cool


HELP ME BUILD A STORY (in "COLLABORATIVE STORIES") - Submit your suggestion and ideas on how the story should go.

SUBMIT YOUR OWN STORY - Write about whatever you want ... imaginary creatures, animals, people, and whatever else you feel like writing about, fiction or non-fiction. 

SUBMIT YOUR OWN BOOK REVIEW - Do you have a favorite book you want to tell others about?  Submit your review and be a book critic!

READ STORIES and BOOK REVIEWS by ME (GENNA) AND OTHER KIDS - and give your comments and ideas for building on the stories.

GENNA'S PICK OF THE WEEK - You can vote for a story/book review to be the pick of the week, just submit a comment and say it there.  I'll pick the best book review and story every week and post them specially on the "PICK OF THE WEEK" page.

AUTHOR LIST - See all the stories and book reviews submitted by a single author by clicking on the author's name in the "AUTHOR LIST".



 GennasWorld in the News .............

BOSTON GLOBE, February 14, 2010, Metro West Section, Article by Cindy Cantrell

THE WRITE STUFF: Fifth-grader Genna of Weston has launched a new website to share her love of reading and writing with other kids.

So far, most of the stories and book reviews posted at have been written by Genna with contributions by her 8-year-old sister and a 12-year-old cousin from Connecticut. However, Genna is trying to involve her classmates at the Eliot Montessori School in Natick, and is posting fliers at local libraries and bookstores.

She hopes more participation will stimulate ideas for a collaborative story, in which she elicits suggestions for how a story might proceed as she writes it. All submissions are reviewed for content and age-appropriateness by an adult before being posted online.

“You don’t have to be the best writer in the world to have fun on Genna’s World. My goal for the website is for kids to submit stories, but even kids who don’t like to write can comment on them,’’ said 10-year-old Genna, who might like to be a writer, actress, or singer when she grows up. “It’s just a fun way to be creative and express yourself.’’

Look for GennasWorld featured in the March 2010 issue of "YOUNG WRITER" magazine.


GennasWorld was chosen by the American Library Association as a Great Web Site for Kids.




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Genna's World is a creative writing web site for kids. Kids can submit and post original stories, book reviews, comments on other kids' writing, and suggestions for a collaborative story. GennasWorld, for writers, by Genna.