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1/22/2010 10:48:09 AM
Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock

By Carolyn Keen - The Secret of the Old Clock is a great read for anyone who is seeking the first heart-stopping adventure of Nancy Drew. In this action-packed story, Nancy figures out the secret behind Joseph Crowley’s will and whether or not he wrote a new one for his poor friends, the Tophams. Help Nancy find the lost will and follow her as she proves the truth!

List of Viewer Suggestions
lars Age 14

I read that book before! I love the whole series but that book is my favorite!
Zazzle Age 12
Virginia, United States
I have never read Nancy Drew books. Maybe I should get into reading them...
Katluver321 Age 13
Minnesota, United States
I've already read it and it's exactly what you say it is! Way to go, Genna!
starr Age 11
Ohio, United States
Nice Job Genna! I read the book, but that reveiw almost makes me want to read it again.
soccergirl55 Age 10
Massachusetts, United States
Wow... now i want to read it!!!
wisecow99 Age 9
Texas, United States
AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I love the series. This book the most.
ocie16 Age 11
North Carolina, United States
I like it Genna. Good job. :)
Kate Age 10
North Carolina, United States
Nice Genna, very good review
Mollie Age 10
North Carolina, United States
Nice Genna
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