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Boys Are Dogs
izzylife Age 12
Texas, United States

**** A PICK OF THE WEEK ******

This book is a about a girl named Anabelle.She moves from north hollywood to south hollywood because her parents are sort of divorced;she has never met her real dad.She used to go to an all girls private school,but now she has to go to a publice school and nothing has gotten better scinced she had moved.At her new school her teachers treat her like shes a piece of trash;unlike her other school,she is a total teachers pet,but now she isn't no teachers pet.Her mother get her a dog and a dog training book.So later on in the book she realizes that she can use that traning book on boys as well(since she hasn't been in a school with boys).Now that she has used the traning book;it actually works on the boys.So now I know what to do when my friends have boy trouble;I'll just get my dog traning book(that simple)!!!!!

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Stanley Age 13
It sounds quite funny, i'm so going to read it!
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