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Book Review: Poppy and Rye
Tayli 10 New Jersey, United States
This book was fantastic!! It was Poppy and Rye, written by AVI and it was about two mice that somehow find their way into love together. A must read! Hope this helped. Happy Reading!
Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary!!
Knuckles 10 American Samoa
DON'T SAY HER NAME 3 TMES! B-Mary(x3) is a book I wrote on this site. It's very funny, but CREEPY!!! Its about me, and BFFs, on Halloween; and my friends dare me to do Bloody Mary. We do it, and the one who dared me to do it, Indie, chickened out, 2 minutes into the dare. I try all of them, and it didn't end well. I wrote it when I had pink eye, listening to Lady Gaga- Bloody Mary. I was scared, so... I kinda write what I feel. Bloody Mary's a witch. She's right behind me, isn't she? I'm not kidding, she's really behind me She scratched mBLOODY MARY
Okay, she's gone. OH, by the way, I wrote this on the Wii Internet! Love, your beloved storywriter, Knuckles
My family
michelle 8 Texas, United States
I love my family because there so nice always i play with my family all day
Anna's imagnery World
anna 9 England
Once apoun a time a little girl called anna had here own world called i can be...ENITHING HERE Mum & Dad did not now about this world untill one day they found out when anna was 9 .all those years anna had not told then beaucse she loved that very world. But then here parents started coming with here they bought here at dog at ticos pet store!!! named rosiey she was a golde labrdour. THE END
Every Soul a Star by Wendy Maas
writergeek 12 Minnesota, United States
This is a story about three kids, Ali, Bree, and Jack, who meet during a eclipse at Ali's Moon Shadow Camp Ground. They become good friends and realize the true meaning of friendship.
This book was well written and moved along nicely. It had an intricate plot and intresting characters. Deffinatly a book to read!
my mums going to explode
nevey 9 England
Its a book by jermy strong.It will make you laugh if you read it find out what they call there not 1 baby but there 2 twins.I think you should read it.
The Westing Game
writer2B 12 Florida, United States
An intricate mystery of wit and trickery by Ellen Raskin, this story follows several families who are heirs to millionaire Samuel Westing. With one problem. It isn't that there aren't any instructions that Westing left behind him, it is the instructions that are so very mind boggling. In fact, the heirs, especially the 13 year old stock market running Turtle Wexler, and the only heir who actually knew Westing, Judge J.J. Ford, feel as if Westing is still alive, watching their every move, always a step ahead...

This is a great read, and it will challenge your mystery solving skills to the very limit. Prepare to play the most dangerous and confusing of all games - the Westing game.
A Corner Of The Universe
CaityBug 10 Nevada, United States
The book 'A Corner Of The Universe' by Ann Martin is about a girl named Hattie living in the 1920s is a very good book. Hattie's parents run a boarding house. Hattie discovers that she has an uncle named Adam, who has ADD. Though he is in his mid 20s, but he acts like a child. Hattie learns to like Adam, but sometimes he acts up. I would reccommend this book to 13-14 year-olds.
the good dog
makeabetterplace830 10 Pennsylvania, United States
peace out I loved it %$#@!
Funkysocaplaya_48 10 Iowa, United States
This book is vry AWESOMETATIOUS, did u no that dere is a sequel coming out???!!!! SsSSOOOO exciting!!!!
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