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This is where you can help me build a story.  I'll continue to add on to this story based on your suggestions (characters, plots, etc.).  Submit your suggestions and ideas to help me build the story. 

1/22/2010 11:31:12 PM
The Dreamer

What was the point?

       If the entire Community was going to die anyways, and I couldn’t stop them, then what was even the point in trying?

       But then again, maybe if I tried I would at least make a small difference.

       Maybe Samantha and Jonathan and baby Becca would make it out if I tried. And maybe Eliza and Randy and Ali and--

       Don’t get ahead of yourself, girl, I told myself. Randy’s the Chief’s Son. He’s an Heir. If anyone has a chance of making it out, he does. And Eliza and Ali…I worried about them.

Eliza and Ali were sisters, daughters of the Shoemaker and his wife, who had died five years ago. They carried a burden of grief and sadness, then worry about their father, ill from a raging Coughing Disease. They were younger, twins at Seven, and I was Ten, but I treated them like sisters.

Samantha and Jonathan were my Guardians, or Mother and Father. They had been assigned me when they applied to become a match. At least one Child per household or match. Samantha had told me many times before that, although the picking was quite random, this time she knew they had picked the perfect one, both for Jonathan and her.

Baby Becca was my sister. She had been assigned to us a little over three months ago, and was still young, a little over six months. She had been younger than me at my assigning age, and yet she already loved and enjoyed Samantha and Jonathan very much.

Yet she was a baby. And this catastrophe coming on the way would wipe her out easily, and, despite how much Samantha and Jonathan protected her, if this was what I thought it was, it wouldn’t matter who was protecting her.

I thought all this as I was walking down Copplin Square, all the while looking for Alex.

Alex was a Young Adult in a Wheelchair. The Doctor said he was in a Wheelchair because his legs were something called Paralyzed. He had no cure, not yet.

I felt bad for Alex, but he said it was something anyone could get used to, no matter how much they depended on their legs. He was one of my best friends, apart from Eliza and Ali.

All of a sudden I felt a wave of water coming from the Lake. I closed my eyes. My mind was picturing it. It was tearing down houses, flooding the Community. This was the disaster. This was what I had to stop.

And at that moment, I knew, I knew how to stop it. I squeezed my eyes shut, imagined the huge fist of water curl up and fling itself back into the lake. Everything and everyone was safe.

For now.


A few days after I had prevented the water from the Lake, it was finally my first day of Community Service.

When you were two months after Ten, you began Community Service. It was basically like volunteer hours where you picked a job of your choice and tried it out for a few hours. As I was heading out the door, Samantha reminded me to keep a good attitude and only act happy about the things that made you happy, because no one is going to believe a liar, no matter how much they try. I hugged her and kept those words in my mind as I headed out to Copplin Square.

I had defeated the Lake in Copplin Square, and now, as I looked at the cobblestone path circling around the Fountain, I remembered that surge of frightening energy that had exploded from my brain into my body. Copplin Square was a great place to start volunteer hours because of the shops and the stands lined all around the circle. I didn't know why it was called a squared. It wasn't sharp-cornered; in fact, it had no corners at all!

There were so many different shops to choose from I had no idea what to go to first. I finally settled on a Book Shop, because I like books.

The man who worked there was Giraldo, a small man with a big mustache, even for a man who was 6' 8". I wandered into the shop. I looked around at the shelves covered in dusty volumes, leather coveres thin and worn away with age. All of a sudden, Giraldo popped up from behind the desk at the back of the shop.

"Volunteer hours, eh?" he said, smiling happily but gruffly. "Oh alright, you can help me stack these books, then help me go over how much I've earned this week." He gave me a pile of dusty books and told me to organize them by alphabetical order. When I was done with that and the money counting, he told me to pick out a book and read it until my Community Service hours where over.

I chose a dusty, big thick book entitled "Why We Are Here". I flipped through the table of contents, then went to chapter four and read the first paragraph:


Who made us?

There is life in us and it is a life so strong that no human being could ever attain it, at least not by themselves. They cannot create the energy inside us. It is just simply impossible.

The town of Lesli was created hundreds of years ago by faithful people who knew our fate and set out to change its course. Our fate was to clash was other people and be destroyed. They built this town to protect us and destoryed all other human beings so that not only are we protected but there is nothing to worry about.


The paragraph ended with a sort of and-that's-that sort of manner I didn't like. I looked at my watch and saw I had better be getting home now, so I thanked Giraldo, put the book away, and walked home thinking that I completely disagreed with the book. If human beings could not attain life from scratch, then the book had not even answered its own question: Who made us?

List of Viewer Suggestions
writers rok Age 12
Vermont, United States
I liked it, but the part about stopping the flood was just happened a little too fast. I suggest slowing it down a bit and adding more detail. As a writer and a reader, I like to be right there in the action! But great job-hope I'm not being too critical. I HATE hurting feelings!!! You're an awesome author.
Funkysocaplaya_48 Age 10
Iowa, United States
Label chapters, and it kind of sounds like the book radience
spicy09 Age 11
Wisconsin, United States
Awesome story! :)
Zazzle Age 12
Virginia, United States
I think you have a good idea going there. Have you read the Giver?
Indigodreamer16 Age 11
Maine, United States
It would be cool if you kind of involved the elements, like she predicts and forest fire next, then maybe an earthquake, then a tornado. Also, explain who these people are: do they live in the future? Another planet? Are they humans? I think this story is a lot like The Giver by Lois Lowery.
cathyheart Age 10
Kentucky, United States
have her read more of the book.
cathyheart Age 10
Kentucky, United States
i love the story, but tell me more! i need to know what happens!
you can say about the book, that it helps her and her powers
cathyheart Age 10
Kentucky, United States
i just love the story! the Dreamer, it just sounds cool!
soccergirl55 Age 10
Massachusetts, United States
I think that is a great beginning! I am soooo sorry but i used your title without realizing it! So, if you get a story called the dreamer to check over... just letting you know! Also, do you have an email address?
CozyCrab Age 12
New Hampshire, United States
Is she, the main character, magical? Do we know her name? I think it would be cool if she had special "water powers". Just an idea.
MissyDishy Age 10
United Kingdom
maybe split it into better paragraghs,
but I like it :).
darius Age 11
Texas, United States
something called paralzed. no cure,not yet
pickle1 Age 10
United Kingdom
i haven't read much of the story but you could have someone hwo becomes this person called the daydreamer.
that person could then go round helping people overcome nightmares that come to life?
meggie Age 10
I like it. maybe explain the water part though! great!
genna Age 10
Massachusetts, United States
sorry about the confusion, but all the characters make a big impact on the story at the end. you'll see! also, I made a collaborative story about dragons called The Black Sword. You should see it!
Zweetok Age 11
I think it should be a bit more captivating and interesting. Otherwise the begining is a bit complicating with all the characters and I don't quite get it. I think the next one you make should be more about imaginary creatures.
genna Age 10
Massachusetts, United States
you'll find out at the end--it's a crucial part of the story and it should remain a secret until the end! now what should i write about next?
FIZZY Age 10
United Kingdom
Could you explain why there is a great wall of water coming to destroy the town?
genna Age 10
Massachusetts, United States
thanks! i'm wating for your suggestion on what to write about!
Taylor3594 Age 12
North Carolina, United States
That was great! Is there another part? Maybe if you haven't written another part, maybe you should!! But overall, it was really good! A pleasing and exciting read!!
Lyla345612 Age 10
North Carolina, United States
that was excellent!you should continue it
Kate Age 10
North Carolina, United States
Very Good
zbird123 Age 11
North Carolina, United States
Very good mabye you should make a part 2 and explain the setting
genna Age 10
Massachusetts, United States
great ideas! i added them to my story and i think it's really cool. You should write your own stories!
theatergirl Age 12
Connecticut, United States
You should explain more about who the characters are next and then try to save them
Bubba Age 10
Texas, United States
Someone should be in a wheelchair or have a handicap of some kind.
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