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This is where you can help me build a story.  I'll continue to add on to this story based on your suggestions (characters, plots, etc.).  Submit your suggestions and ideas to help me build the story. 

1/31/2010 8:34:00 PM
The Baby Bird

There was silence in the nest. The sounds of the crickets chirping was the only noise for miles. The stars twinkled and the sky was black. And yet, something amazing was happening.

The sound of cracking eggshells broke the silence. It was a gentle sound but a harsh one at the same time, interrupting the quiet. Slowly, a small, orange beak poked out of the egg. A baby bird was hatching!

The bird finally burst out of its shell in a flurry of sqwaks and tweets. It slowly lifted its curled head away from its chest and looked around, ruffling its wet, oily feathers with dignity. It looked around, at the night sky, at the stars, at the nest he was in. He suddenly remembered he had to have a name. He remembered his first word. Tweet. So that would be his name.

Tweet looked around at the eggs next to him in the nest and wondered if there was anything good to eat inside of them. Boy, was he hungry! He had been poking away at that shell for a whole day, all the while a larger bird watching over him, which he came to understand was his mother. He also knew that the other larger bird beside her had been his father. He hoped that, wherever they were, they were getting food, although he had no idea what he wanted to eat anyways.

All of a sudden, he saw the two eggs in front of him shake and shudder. One cracked open, and then the other did the same. His brother and sister were hatching!

He watched, interested. His sister hatched first. The first thing she did was flap, so her name was now Flap, at least in his mind. Then his brother made the weirdest sound. It went something like "FWAAAAAKKKKKWA!" Tweet didn't know what to make of it, so he just abbreviated it to Fwak and named him that.

Flap and Fwak ruffled their oily feathers and cocked their heads at Tweet.

"Tweet tweet!" he said, which in bird language means, "Hello! My name is Tweet! And you must be...?" (A lot for two tweets, isn't it?!)

Flap and Fwak nodded. "We're Flap and Fwak!" they said excitedly.

Tweet, Flap, and Fwak told eachother about what had happened in their shells. Not much for Fwak and Tweet, but Flap said she had felt her egg falling. It landed on something soft, but she didn't know what it was. Then she felt that she was being carried upward and landed softly again in the nest, although she didn't know who had rescued her. Fwak and Tweet looked at eachother with that look that brothers give eachother, and this time it meant they were glad that they were all together. Tweet was glad that he had a brother and a sister and that was very happy.

All of a sudden, there was an eagle!

A yellow eyed, white headed creature with a curved beak and razor-sharp talons just waiting to strike. Baby birds would be a wonderful, helpless, refreshing treat for a bald eagle!

Where is your mother when you need her? wondered Tweet as he looked around at Flap and Fwak. They were jumping up and down nervously, flapping their wings as if they could fly out of the nest by themselves. But maybe...

Tweet knew what he had to do. He gathered up Flap and Fwak and squeaked them some instructions. They all nodded, trembling.

Tweet took one last look at the nest he had once called home, then opened his wings and flew!

Fwak and Flap quickly followed behind, clumsily at first, but then following Tweet's movements they regained control and were soaring through the air, the wind whistling against their feathers. Tweet had never felt so alive. Not that he had had much of a chance to yet; it was only the first ten minutes of his life. But still...

Over the forest they flew when Tweet remembered his mom and dad. "Guys, we need to find our parents! I got out of my shell and they weren't there. At first I thought they were out hunting food, but how long does it take for them to do that, really?" called Tweet to his brother and sister over the wind.

Tired, his siblings encouraged him to go but decided to stay behind themselves. "That was enough flying for me," said Fwak. Tweet guided them back to the safe nest, hoping they would be alright. Then he flew out into the wind again, letting his feathers ruffle against his little body.

Once Tweet reached the edge of the forest again, instead of soaring over the treetops, he did his first dive, folding his wings against his warm body tightly. He landed on a tree limb something less than gracefully but he did not fall. He straightened his tail feathers and ruffled out his wings to give himself space. As he looked around at his surroundings with his light-accustomed eyes, he spotted a sleeping Horned Owl snoring on the end of his branch. Every couple of seconds his ears twitched. "Hello?" squeaked Tweet, hoping that this owl could help him find his parents.

"Hello," said the owl, eyes still closed. Tweet jumped. "How may I help you? My name is Hoot. I am an owl. As you can see," said the owl. He slowly opened his eyes, revealing big brown globes with smaller black dots in the centers.

"I am looking for my parents. They look just like me. Will you help me find them?" asked Tweet to Hoot.

"I will help you. Don't worry, we will find your parents. Follow me!" said Hoot and flew out into the night with Tweet following close behind.


List of Viewer Suggestions
SC Age 10
Minnesota, United States
Hi genna! Mabey the baby bird gets injured and has to leave Flap and Flock.
EmoDucks Age 12
Pennsylvania, United States
Tweet and Hoot flew a long time before Tweet broke the silence.
"How much longer?" Tweet whined. "My wings are going numb!"
"A while-before we get there," Hoot replied. Tweet moaned softly.

I wish that I never did this even! Tweet thought.

"Follow me now," Hoot said, as he and Tweet dodged trees and branches. Until Hoot spotted an old tree. He flew down and smoothed his ruffled feathers. Knocking one the door, and turned around to face Tweet and said, "Tweet, this is my last stop, my friend here, will take care of you." The door opened, and a female owl smiled when she saw Hoot.
"Hello, Hoot!" she said.
"Hello Anny, Anny, this is Tweet. His's trying to find his parents. Could you help him?" Hoot asked.
"Of course I can!" Anny said, opening the door widder.
"Coming in, Hoot?" Anny asked Hoot.
"No, sorry, I have to go." Hoot said. Anny's eyes soften.
"Okay then, see you," she whispered. Hoot bowed to her before he took off and flew away. Anny turned towards Tweet.
"Sorry, you must be cold and this time of night! Come on in!" Tweet hoped in, hopeing that Anny could help him. Anny led Tweet to the table, and gave him some worm soup.
"It's heathly, and it will give you some strength during our trip." Anny said. After four bowls of Anny's worm soup, Tweet's eyes begain to close.
"May I know where the bed is?' Tweet asked, sleeply.
"Oh! You must be tried after all that flying." Anny said, as she gave him a bed, which was covered in grass, and small leaves. A big leaf covered the bed.
"There you go. And you must get a lot of sleep!" Anny said, with a sweet smile. She closed the door and left. Tweet hoped into the bed, and covered himself with the leaf.
Tweetie in the Morning Age 9
Pennsylvania, United States
Ummmmm, shouldn't their be a parent their when one parent's gone to look for food? I thought the parents would take turns to look for food. ;:(
laffytaffy Age 8
Hawaii, United States
super story i love it
Zazzle Age 12
Virginia, United States
I think your story is very well written. I would just like to make a few comments and suggestions.

*Tweet was able to fly minutes after he had been born. It is almost impossible for featherless, newly hatched birds to escape from a full grown eagle by attempting to fly right after they have hatched. Had Tweet been living in the nest for a couple of weeks?

*I suggest you have the father bird perhaps caught in a snare, and the mother is trying to rescue him. The kind owl helps Tweet and his siblings find his mother and together they help rescue thier caged father.

*You could also add in a couple of common forest animals such as squirrels or deer.

*Other then that, I think your story so far is great!
read write Age 12
Texas, United States
that was such a good story a little more details but other than that it was perfect
Writing Magic Age 12
Ohio, United States
You are sooo good at making stories! Your website is very creative! you know, you should make a story that is in Paris and is full of Comedy and Action! or maybe you could make a story about Peter Pan's life story. ;D
Christy Sparrow Age 12
Pennsylvania, United States
Hoot and Tweet flew for miles and miles. Tweet felt like his wings were going numb. "How much farther," he asked the owl as the dodged several trees. Hoot paused before answering, "We're almost there." Tweet sighed. After a couple of minutes, Hoot landed onto the ground. He walked towards tree and knocked. Tweet realized that there was a hidden door. The door slid open. "What do you want! I'm trying--oh, Hoot. What a nice surprise. How may I help you?" a female owl hooted in surprise.

Hoot straightened himself and made sure his feathers were all in place. He was sweet on the beautiful bird. "My new friend Tweet was just born and he can't find his parents. Unfortunately, Tweet, this is my stop. Dixie will know what to do. Goodbye!" Hoot said before taking off.

"Bye, Hoot! I'll visit you one day!" Tweet chirped. Dixie led him into the tree. "Here," she said, placing a bowl of caterpillar stew in front of him. "You must be starving. Eat as much as you can--it'll be a long journey," she warned as Tweet eagerly downed the stew.

After three bowls of stew, Tweet's stomach was satisfied. "That was good," he praised Dixie. "Thanks. We'll be flying to a wise caterpillar who knows everything about everything. He can tell you about your parents!" The birds took off.

Hours and hours of flying! How long can a small bird take it? But Tweet was very brave and determined to find his parents. He just hoped they weren't dead.
hoop Age 98
really tweet flap and fwak. Wat kind of names r those. How original.
darius Age 11
Texas, United States
chirping for miles
that's alot!
isobelsarah Age 9
Hi Genna,

I think your story is great so far and I would like to make a suggestion. Maybe Tweet would fly away and end up in a forest and meet other birds that help him find his mum, dad, sister and brother.

Best regards,

genna Age 10
Massachusetts, United States
thanks! I made a new one about dragons. It's called The Black Sword. check it out!
Zweetok Age 11
Nice action and adventure. Quite descripive all in all good.

P.S It's much better than the dreamer.

And you should make the next story about mythical creatures.. ( You know like a lion with two heads would be good that way it's not completely about normal creatures in their normal lives.)
Kate Age 10
North Carolina, United States
BearGirl1234 Age 13
California, United States
I agree with ZBird. I love the story though!
Kate Age 10
North Carolina, United States
Wow, you are a very good writer. I can't type that much. I love the part when it says "All of a sudden, there was an eagle!". It was very exciting
zbird123 Age 11
North Carolina, United States
Make it more adventue like have something exciting happen
Eagles Soar Age 10
North Carolina, United States
Have the bird find its brothers and sisters. Boy is it hungry... cracking out of that shell takes hard work.
nutcake Age 10
Trinidad Tobago
alright so now make it so that he tries to jump out of the nest and he falls to the ground but lands on a sleeping badger that doesn't notice he's there and then have the baby bird run away.
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