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12/30/2009 1:39:43 AM
The Skunk

My dad, my sister, my brother, and I were camping. It had been cold that day, but we had lived. We had huddled around the campfire. Christopher was half-asleep, but Adrianna was still awake. It was somewhat dark out, the sky a lighter blue than the trees. I shivered along with the branches of the trees, despite the warmth of the fire.

“Whoa!” my dad said. “What?” I said, a little panicked, worried  He shined his flashlight on the sound, and my heart almost skipped a beat. It was a baby skunk! Adrianna came up to me. “Wow!” she said. Startled, I took a step back, ignoring my brother’s cries of “It’s okay!” coming from near the warm glow of the fire. I pictured myself taking a bath of tomato juice to get rid of the smell as the skunk cocked his head at us as if to crawl closer. But instead, he stayed still. Too nervous to do anything, I backed into the tent and watched through the screen windows as it scampered away.

       I came out five minutes later. Adrianna had fallen asleep. Christopher was snoring. The flashlight was of and my dad was roasting marshmallows by the light of the fire. “Want one?” he asked.

       Nodding, I gulped down a perfect one, trying to appreciate the way the mushy inside swam down my throat, the way the roasted outside was crunchy and took some time to swallow. I could still picture the skunk very clearly in my mind.

       And I always will.

                                   THE END

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RedThunderBird Age 10
Pennsylvania, United States
Nice story! I'm just saying Genna, could you make a chatting place for people? I just wanted to know, if you could make one. And also, how long does it take to have a suggestion or a story? :D
TAkos Age 2
Turks Caicos Islands
HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, It's me again, your bestestestesetestestestestestsetstestset buddy ever! CAN YOU HELP ME WRITE GOOD WRITINGS?!@?$@#%!#^@&%^@#$%#$^&%@$^!#$^&@$
Liddy Age 10
You are as lucky as an actress! A celebrity! Wonderful story! Can't believe you're in print. have to admit I am really jealous of you. *laughing out loud!*
Writer101 Age 10
Florida, United States
it couldhave used more description,it was ok
Natalie Age 10
North Carolina, United States
He He!!!! loved it! Very cool story!! Super funny also!! :)
vicky Age 9
Texas, United States
its cool,I liked your story!!!!Your cool
Nicky Age 12
Texas, United States
Genna, I loved the story! My favorite part was when you said that you pictured yourself taking a bath in tomato juice, to get rid of the horrifying smell that the skunk sprayed you with. I can't think of what I would do if that ever happened to me. Those pesky skunks!
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