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elf and ladybug part 1
Once upon a time there was a ladybug. Her name was Ladybug. "Oh, how I love my dress and shoes and hair and self," she said. She was a very stuck up ladybug. One day, Ladybug was walking around when she saw Elf. Elf was a very mischievous fellow, and so when he saw Ladybug he decided that he would play a prank on her and her dress and shoes and hair and self. "Hello Ladybug. How are you on this fine morning?" asked Elf rather suspiciously, because elf was NEVER nice. But Ladybug, being the dumb, self-centered, compliment-hungry ladybug that she was, didn't notice and said "Fine, Elf, and you?" in a rather pleasant way. "Good, good. Listen, I hear that is is a very nice time of year in Maine," Elf said. He laughed silently. It was freezing cold in Maine this time of year! Ladybug would hate it! But Ladybug didn't know any better, so the next day she flew to Maine. It will take her weeks to reach Maine, thought Elf as he waved her goodbye. In her haste and eagerness to get to Maine, Ladybug had left her leaf house unlocked. Elf slipped in and stole everything--her shoes, and clothes, and silverware and plates and glasses and everything else that he could carry. Then he came back to the house with a big truck and he put everything that he couldn't carry like her mushroom table, her cotton bed, and everything else that was too big for him to hold. Then he drove away and put everything in his own home and sat back and relaxed for a whole two months. Soon, Elf started to get fat. He couldn't get off Ladybug's comfy cotton bed, because he wasn't getting enough exercise. He wanted to get up and play more pranks on his other "friends", but he was too busy delighting in the comfiness (is that even a word?) and luxury Ladybug's household items brought him. So when Ladybug returned from Maine, he didn't even notice. He was sleeping and eating cheese. But the next day, Grasshopper walked into Elf's house. He didn't knock on the door, and didn't even take off his muddy shoes. This was not like Grasshopper--being Leaftown's personal policeman, he was usually very polite. But he was there to solve a crime, so he didn't have time for etiquette. Once he walked inside Elf's bedroom, he was stunned! All of Ladybug's personal items were in this room! Her rock-washer! Her shoes and clothes! Her cotton bed! Her…balloon? Then Grasshopper realized that what was sitting on Ladybug's not-so-missing-anymore cotton bed was not a balloon, but Elf. He was so fat Grasshopper barely recognized him! "Elf, have you stolen Ladybug's bed?" asked Grasshopper. "Not stolen, exactly, but borrowed," said Elf. "Same with her shoes?" "Yes." "And clothes?" "Yes." "And rock-washer?" "Yes." "Have you stolen EVERYTHING in Ladybug's house?" asked Grasshopper. "No." "Then what haven't you stolen?" "Everything. I haven't stolen anything. I've BORROWED it, like I told you." "Well then what haven't you BORROWED?" Grasshopper asked. He was getting very frustrated. "Her wallpaper. And her roof and her floors and her walls and her nightstand." That was true. The nightstand had been a rather ugly thing to look at, so Elf had decided to leave it behind. "You know that's not what I mean! Oh, never mind. I demand you to return Ladybug's things this instant!" So, being the fat little elf that he was, Elf hired a team of moving cockroaches to do all the work for him. But no matter how much he tried, he still couldn't get off of Ladybug's comfy cotton bed, which didn't displease him at all, by the way. So after three weeks of sleeping on her not-so-comfy wood chip couch, Ladybug complained to Grasshopper again, who decided that, again, he'd have to take matters into his own hands.
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Sasha Age 12
Trinidad Tobago
I think you copied that story from a book I know I read alot
writers rok Age 12
Vermont, United States
In the dictonary, comfiness isn't a word, but in my mind it is-I use it all the time! :-)
Jasmine Age 10
TAkos Age 2
Turks Caicos Islands
HIIIIIIIIIII. Genna your my only friend! Your stories are the coolest stories ive ever read, your my bestestestestestestest friend. :)
britbrat Age 8
California, United States
i love it it is good i like the ladybug.a ladybugs rael na,e is ladybeug bug.i like the grasshopper
Starfire Age 11
Massachusetts, United States
I love it! You should keep writing. I bet you could easily become a really famous writer! ;)
Starfire Age 11
Massachusetts, United States
I love it! You should keep writing. I bet you could easily become a really famous writer! ;)
foogie Age 9
Arizona, United States
i love it!!!
luvsdolphins Age 9
Pennsylvania, United States
That's a GREAT story.It's really funny.
Liddy Age 10
I love it! Its funny. Get on to the next part! Keep on writing! Persevere! ;D
Zazzle Age 12
Virginia, United States
I think comfiness is a word. :)
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