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How the Earth Turns-Prolougue
Mond00 Age 12
Pennsylvania, United States
She stared wide-eyed back at her husband. “I would never let you do that to her, Henry.”
A storm raged outside, blocking out all noise. The only exception it had decided to make was for the two people standing in the middle of their living room, staring intently at one another. She stood silently as she waited for the second that she could catch him off guard.
When that second came, she sped down the hall.
At the end of the hall, she immediately veered right, into the room where a small baby was laying in a crib.
She grabbed for the baby, accidentally waking it.
Her husband had been rushing down the hall, and was now waiting outside of the baby’s room.
“Lizzy, calm down. Can’t we discuss this?” Henry asked.
“Henry we can talk about this, but not here. I don’t want Kamantha there when we talk, whether she understands or not.”
“Fine, take her somewhere. But, please, don’t run away. I need to talk to you.”
Hearing the desperation in his voice, she took pity on him.
“Okay, I’ll be back in about fifteen to twenty minutes,” Lizzy said, making her way towards the door.
In the driveway, Lizzy slid into the driver’s seat of her Chevy Cobalt and stuck the key in the ignition. She set the baby she had been carrying in a car seat, strapped her in, turned back to the wheel, and flicked the key to acceleration.
The car grumbled for a few seconds, then sputtered to life.
Lizzy grabbed the gear shift and pulled it to the R. The car slid backwards down the driveway and curved onto the road.

Fifteen minutes and four and a half miles later, Lizzy pulled up to her mother’s white, Victorian-style house
After hearing a knock, a woman in her forties wearing a light blue blouse, grey, loose fitting pants, and grey slippers to match, pulled open her front door to find her daughter standing there holding her baby.
“Hi, Mom. How have you been?” Lizzy asked.
“Fine, darling. I see you brought Kamantha with you,” she said, looking down at the baby.
“Um…yeah, that’s actually what I came here to ask you. Could you possibly watch her for a while?” Lizzy asked.
“Why darling, of course I can! I haven’t seen Kamantha in so long; I need to spend some time with her!”
Lizzy, thanking her mother, extended her arms and handed the baby off to her grandma.
Thanking her mother again, Lizzy pulled shut the front door and jogged back to her Cobalt.

Twenty minutes later, Lizzy pulled up to her house. Inside, she saw her husband nervously pacing in the living room.
When she walked through the door, she saw relief spread over his face.
“So now what, Henry?” she asked, “What is there to discuss? Why would you want to take are daughter, who still has her whole life ahead of her, with you? What could she do?”
“Lizzy, if I start training her now, she could be one of the best agents this organization has! And don’t forget that the fact that we may not recruit anybody else is still out there!”
“Henry,” Lizzy said, a disgusted look on her face, “I don’t want that life for my daughter.”
And with that, Lizzy jumped up from her seat on the couch and flew out the door.

Driving faster than she ever had, Lizzy rounded the last corner it took to get to her mother’s house.
She sprang out of the car and pushed the doorbell.
Again, her mother came to the door, holding the baby this time.
“Thank you so much for watching Kamantha, mom.”
“Oh, it was no problem at all,” the woman said.
When Kamantha was safely in her arms and the door had been shut, Lizzy sprinted back toward her car.

About a mile and a half down the road, Lizzy saw Henry’s black sports car coming up behind her.
She pushed the gas pedal down even further until her and her car were out of
Henry ‘s sight.
Up ahead, there was a densely grown forest. The only break in the trees was
About big enough to fit a truck and still keep it hidden.
“Perfect,” thought Lizzy.
She swerved her car into the space and waited to see the sight of her husband’s
car drive by.
When she did, she drove her car back onto the road and just kept driving.
“Kamantha, you better behave after I did this for you,” Lizzy said, shaking her
head and smiling devilishly.
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Sterne82 Age 12
Pennsylvania, United States
Cool story!
Mond00 Age 12
Pennsylvania, United States
I wrote this portion of my story last year. I hope you read it and review it so that I know what you guys think of it.
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