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My New Clothing Item
Mond00 Age 12
Pennsylvania, United States
If I could invent a new clothing item, I would make it a pair of sunglasses for your ears. They would keep your ears from getting burned if you went out into the sun and they would block out noise.
They would look just like sunglasses except that they are two separate pieces instead one attached piece. They would come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and sizes. They would only be $1.50, just over the price of a cheap pair of reading glasses.
They would be made of a reliable brand of plastic. That’s what my new clothing item would be.
List of Viewer Suggestions
Sonne824 Age 11
Pennsylvania, United States
I think that ur idea should be sold to all talented things out there. Such as monkeys!! I mean, c'mon, they can eat with thier feet! Last time I tried that, I got in trouble for spilling my food on the floor!
Sterne82 Age 12
Pennsylvania, United States
Very creative and funny!!
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