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How Money Came to Be- Nonfiction
Sonne824 Age 11
Pennsylvania, United States
We use money practically every day, but have you ever wondered how money came to be?
Well, a piece of metal found in Lydia, Turkey around 670 B.C. was considered to be the first money, but the whole idea of using it as money came later in time. Instead of using paper money, like the kind we use today, people all over the world would trade stuff. They would trade stuff like ten chickens for a cow, or a basket of berries for several ears of coins.
But what if a family needed chickens but didn’t have a cow? Then what? People thought about this and finally decided it would be more practical to have something with you that wherever you were, no matter what, it was always going to be the same amount.
So, that was how the kind of money we use today, came to be.
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