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Ten Seconds Left
Writerzz Age 12
Ohio, United States
T minus ten.

My heart is beating in my chest, so hard that I swear the world can hear it.

T minus nine.

I know I'm on national television. Is this my only time of fame?

T minus eight.

I strap my self into the chair, and prepare for the "lucky" number.

T minus seven.

I know that now the final mistakes occur. It's too late to chicken out.

T minus six.

I have to do this. For my friends and family.

T minus five.

Halfway through. No turning back now.

T minus four.

I'm shaking in my seat. I'm starting to feel nervous.

T minus three.

The final seconds. These last moments on Earth.

T minus two.

It's almost time.

T minus one.

One more second. One second left.


It's time.

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