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3/3/2010 10:49:18 AM
Roxie and the hooligans
happy123 Age 10
Texas, United States

**** PICK OF THE WEEK FOR 3/10/10 ******

This book was a very short great book, but it had some crazy adventure in it. A girl name Roxie gets chased by hooligans into a garbage truck and ends up on an unknown island. The hooligans and the girl are very hungry and they find out there are two men on the island. Roxie, the brave one, steals things from their tent. She finds out the two men are criminals and the hooligans go through adventures on the island stealing things, surviving and in the end Roxie becomes a hero because she lets people know about the criminals and they go to jail!! Kind of a good book but very short!!!!!!!!!!

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sandstorm Age 8
New Jersey, United States
You make it suond great!!!!!!!!!! I want to read it!
Liddy Age 10
I want to read this book. I really want to. I REALLY do!! And I've heard the illustrations are by Alexandra Boiger. I like her illustrations, like in Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle! And this seems like the perfect book for her pictures!
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